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Divorce Speaker

Lawyers are known as “mouthpieces” for a reason. Talking is our stock and trade. Unfortunately, a lot of lawyers talk like lawyers.  That means that only other lawyers can understand them! When you’re looking for a qualified, engaging divorce speaker, you need someone who talks like a human.

Who Needs a Divorce Speaker?

  • Professional organizations of therapists, psychologists, social workers, or financial professionals who want to provide members with a deeper understanding of divorce, divorce law, or our divorce system;
  • Local organizations of therapists, psychologists, social workers, or financial professionals who want to educate members about Illinois divorce law;
  • Church groups, support groups, and empowerment groups looking to help their members find a more peaceful way to divorce;
  • Non-profit organizations who work with divorcing people and need an expert speaker to explain some aspect of divorce, or talk about the way the divorce system really works.

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What You Need to Know About Me

I am a divorce attorney, adviser, arbitrator, mediator, educator, collaborative law professional, and a divorce coach.  I have been working with divorcing people for decades.  Because of that, I understand how divorce works (and how it doesn’t work!). What’s more, I’m intimately familiar with the issues that real people have when they are facing divorce.

Most importantly, I can talk about divorce.  I know how to explain the complexities of divorce in clear, simple terms.

Every presentation I give is tailored to the audience to whom I’m speaking.

I have spoken on a variety of different divorce topics to many different groups and organizations. For example, I’ve given presentations for the Association of Divorce Financial Planners, the Illinois CPA Society, the University of Chicago Women’s Business Group, and the Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois.

Over the years, I have made presentations on divorce to paralegals, financial professionals, therapists, social workers, divorce lawyers, collaborative law professionals, and consumers.

I have given seminars and webinars about divorce. I’ve also given talks for the Oasis Empowerment Group, and The Lilac Tree.

In addition to giving speeches and presentations, I have also appeared on television, radio, and podcasts throughout the country. If you want to learn more about my media appearances, take a look at my Media Page.

If you are looking for a divorce speaker who knows her stuff and tells it like it is (in plain English!), call (312)236-1670, or CLICK HERE to Connect with me!

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