Are you thinking about divorce, but afraid to move forward because of all of the craziness and uncertainty in the world right now?

... or

Are you stuck in the middle of a divorce that's going nowhere because of the Coronavirus crisis?

If you answered "Yes" to either of those questions, you're in the right place. 

Getting divorced today is more challenging than ever.

  • Courts around the country are shut-down, partially shut-down, or working virtually.
  • Over 10% of the U.S. population is unemployed, and experts are saying it may take YEARS for the economy to bounce back from being shut down.
  • People all over the U.S. are still in varying stages of lockdown, and no one knows for sure how long this crisis will last ... or what the long term effects of it will be.
  • Life right now is anything but "normal."

    Our world today is FULL of UNCERTAINTY and FEAR.

    It's not surprising then that dealing with a divorce - on top of everything else you have to deal with today - is pretty much the LAST thing you want to do.

    But, staying in a loveless, unfulfilling marriage that's slowly sucking the life out of you isn't a great option either. (... especially when you have to live in quarantine with your spouse 24/7!)

    If you're already in the middle of a divorce, trying to get your divorce MOVING so that you can get it DONE and get on with your life, is probably frustrating the devil out of you right now!

    Your case is going nowhere in court, your spouse isn't cooperating, and you have NO IDEA when (if?) your divorce will ever get done.

    I get it. 

    "Limbo" is no place to live. Yet, with everything in your life - and in our world - so "up in the air," you feel like you're living in limbo every single day.

    You can't move on.

    You're stuck.

    Meanwhile, the question that keeps rolling around in your head (usually at 3:00 am) is:  

    What can I do RIGHT NOW to put this situation behind me so I can finally start to be HAPPY again?

    You're also wondering:

    Will I be okay?

    The good news is that there are steps you can take TODAY to start (and maybe even finish!) your divorce so that you can finally move on with your life.

    The bad news is that those steps aren't the same today as they were before.

    Knowing what you could have done a year ago to get a divorce is NOT going to help you TODAY.

    The world has changed too much.

    In order to decide whether getting divorced makes sense for you and your family RIGHT NOW, you need to know how the divorce system is working RIGHT NOW.

    In order to figure out how to move your divorce forward RIGHT NOW, you also need to know how the divorce system is working RIGHT NOW.

    Unfortunately, finding that information is almost impossible.

    Getting reliable information on the internet is a struggle. Court websites are confusing. Often they're not regularly updated. Yet the rules for getting your case through court keep changing.

    Getting information from your lawyer is expensive. What's more, getting your lawyer to give you a straight answer to a simple question is a challenge. Most of the time their answer to anything is, "It depends."

    That's why I created this program: 

    How to Divorce During a Global Pandemic

    Confident blonde woman in blue jean jacket looking toward the sun.

    “Karen, the work you're doing and the programs you offer are so greatly needed - especially during a time when there is much uncertainty. All I can say is, 'thank you.'”

                                                          - Anon

    Karen Covy

    "How to Divorce During a Global Pandemic" Will Give You the Information, the Tools, and the Support You Need to Move Forward with Confidence.

    Here's What You'll Get

    1. Access to a video program that's specially designed to help you:

    • Figure out whether Divorcing During a Pandemic makes sense for you. (... whether you’ve already started your divorce or not!)
    • Understand How to Prepare for a Divorce When Everyone is in Some Stage of Quarantine
    • Discover Ways to Deal with a Divorce That’s Stuck Because of the Quarantine

    $1,000 Value

    2. Access to the E-Book: 

    10 Tips to Help You Survive Quarantine While You’re Living with Your STBX

    Getting divorced during quarantine is difficult enough. But LIVING with your spouse 24/7 (with nowhere else to go!) while you're getting divorced presents even more challenges. This exclusive E-Book will give you practical tips for how you can manage that stressful situation, and still keep your sanity while you're doing it!


    "How to Divorce During a Global Pandemic" is a BRAND NEW video program that will give you the information you need to move through divorce TODAY.


    When you sign up today, you will get immediate access to all the videos in the "How to Divorce During a Global  Pandemic"  program. 

    That means you can start watching those videos RIGHT NOW!

    You can watch the videos whenever you want, wherever you want, and as many times as you want for as long as you want. All the videos are broken down into small chunks so that you can watch them even if you only have 10 - 20 minutes to spare.

    You will also get immediate access to checklists, worksheets, and other downloadable tools (... which, by the way, no regular divorce lawyer would EVER share with you) RIGHT NOW!

    You will also get an email with a link to the E-Book: 10 Tips to Help You Survive Quarantine While You’re Living with Your STBX.

    Until now, the ONLY way to get this kind of information was to work with me one-on-one as a coach for $300 per hour. 

    But in "How to Divorce During a Global Pandemic" you'll get access to all this information TODAY for a fraction of what you would pay for private coaching.

    Discover Whether Divorcing Now is in Your Best Interest

    Learn the most important questions you need to ask yourself to determine if divorcing now makes sense.

    Learn How to Effectively Prepare for Divorce so that You're Ready for What Comes

    Find out what you can do NOW to prepare for a divorce that lies ahead.

    Discover What You Can Do to Move Your Divorce Forward, Even Now

    Learn how you can get your divorce "unstuck," and what you can do to help put your divorce behind you sooner.

    The Value of This Program is Over $1,000

    Divorce lawyers charge between $300 - $500 per hourdepending on where you live AND who the lawyer is! The more experienced the lawyer, the higher the price tag for his/her services.

    If you wanted to get the same amount of information from a divorce lawyer that you will get in this program it would likely cost you around $1,000 ... assuming that you could find a lawyer who would take the time to share it with you. (HINT: Most lawyers would NEVER share this kind of information with you! They also would NEVER give you worksheets you could use without them!)

    And no regular divorce lawyer would help you figure out how to live with your spouse peacefully WHILE you were getting a divorce! (Remember, divorce lawyers make money when you fight! Helping you keep the peace is not in their financial best interest.)

    But charging $1,000 while you're already reeling from the effects of this pandemic didn't feel right to me.

    So, for as long as this pandemic lasts (which hopefully won't be much longer, but who knows?!) you can get access to:

    • How to Divorce During a Global Pandemic [Video Program]; AND 
    • The E-Book, 10 Tips to Help You Survive Quarantine While You're Living With Your STBX

     for ...


    What's the catch? Why would I offer this kind of program for about 80% less than what most divorce attorneys would charge you?


    The world is crazy right now. Everything is different. What worked in the past to get you through a divorce amicably and affordably won't necessarily work now. Yet, most divorce professionals are operating exactly the same way now that they operated BEFORE the pandemic. They're giving you the same advice today that they used to give people a year ago.

    They're also charging the same (or more!) for what they do.

    That's a problem.

    It's even more of a problem when you consider that so many people are struggling already today because of CoVid and all of the fallout from the pandemic.

    I've decided that I'd rather be part of the SOLUTION than remain a part of the problem.

    Offering you a program that can reduce the cost and craziness of your divorce (and give you concrete ideas about how to get it moving if it's stuck!) for susbstantially less than what you'd pay any divorce professional to get this level of knowledge is my way of doing that.

    At the same time, this program won't be available for too much longer.  


    IF you're thinking about starting a divorce soon, OR

    IF you're in the middle of a divorce that's stuck and going nowhere,


    IF you want to know how to move your divorce forward, and figure out whether moving forward now will make the most sense for you, THEN

    I encourage you to get "How to Divorce During a Global Pandemic" now.

    YES! I want: 

    • "How to Divorce During a Global Pandemic Program,"  PLUS 
    • "10 Tips to Help You Survive Quarantine While You’re Living with Your STBX!"

    Isn't it time you put your divorce behind you so that you can get on with your life?

    About Karen Covy

    I've been a divorce attorney and mediator for decades. I'm also a Collaborative Divorce Professional, an arbitrator, and a coach.

    Over 14 years ago, when almost no practical divorce books existed, I wrote When Happily Ever After Ends: How to Survive Your Divorce Emotinally, Financially and Legally. It's now in its second edition.

    I've helped thousands of people get the knowledge, tools, and support they need to get through their divorce with dignity and respect. 

    I can help you do the same thing too.

    Here's what you get when you order How to Divorce During a Global Pandemic  today:

    • How to Divorce During a Global Pandemic [Video Program]; AND 
    • The E-Book, 10 Tips to Help You Survive Quarantine While You're Living With Your STBX

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