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Road Map

Divorce Road Map Cover - Picture of an upset woman and man, both contemplating divorceDo You Wish You Had a ROAD MAP to Guide You Through Your Divorce?

Divorce changes everything.

It can cost you your life savings. It can drag on for years. It can devastate your kids.

That’s not what you want.

Yet, unless you’ve been divorced before, you have no idea what lies in front of you. You don’t understand the divorce system. You don’t know what to do, and what to avoid.

All you know is that you want to get through your divorce with the least amount of pain and problems possible.

The Divorce Road Map Program can help you do that.

Why You Need a Road Map

The Divorce Road Map Program will give you the knowledge and the STRUCTURE you need so that you can PLAN your divorce. It is full of simple, actionable steps that will help you get through your divorce with clarity and control.

Plus, it can save you time, money, and a whole lot of heartache.

What You Will Get in the Road Map Program

In this Divorce Road Map Program you will discover:

  • The five different ways you can get a divorce AND how to choose the one way that’s right for you;
  • How to reduce the negative impact of divorce on your kids;
  • How to find and choose the right divorce attorney for you;
  • How to make a parenting schedule, and a parenting plan, that actually work for you and your family so that your future co-parenting is easier;
  • How to save time and money by gathering and organizing your financial information properly;
  • How to talk to your divorce attorney so that you stay on the same page;
  • How child support, spousal support, and property division work;
  • How to figure out what your spouse’s divorce proposal is really worth;
  • How to establish goals and develop a plan so that you have a better chance at getting what you really need in your divorce.

… and more.


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