You probably never thought you'd be reading this. You never dreamed that one day you'd be dealing with divorce.

I get it.

No one gets married hoping that someday they will be facing divorce.

Yet, it happens.

It happens to good people. If you're here, it's probably either happening to you, or it's happening to someone you love.

If either of those statements is true, here's what you need to know: Knowledge is power.

Knowledge will keep you going in the right direction. It will give you more confidence and courage than any divorce lawyer or other professional ever can.

The more you know, the better equipped you will be to handle what's coming. Period.

If you’re:

• Trying to figure out whether you should get a divorce;

• Bracing for a divorce that either is, or may be, happening soon; or

• Dealing with divorce already, but trying to make it more amicable and less expensive …

You MUST know what you're doing, understand your options, and have a workable plan for moving forward.

Without all 3 of those things, your chances of getting the outcome you want goes down dramatically.

Unfortunately, most divorce professionals won't give you any of those things.

•They don't care if you know what you're doing. (Actually, they'd prefer if you don't.)

•They rarely tell you all of your options. (If they don't do something, they're not going to risk telling you about that thing because then they might lose your business.)

•While they may have a plan for what they're doing (or not!) that plan almost never includes everything. Lawyers make legal plans. Financial advisers make financial plans. Therapists have treatment plans.

But NO ONE has a complete plan that covers everything.

That part is left up to you.

That's why this website is designed to provide you with the knowledge and resources you need to deal with your ENTIRE situation. That way, you will be better prepared to deal with your situation with dignity, respect, and (yes) confidence.

All of that is totally possible. But if that's what you want, you first have to know more about what you're doing. You have to be prepared.

"Preparing for divorce" may sound horrible to you.

Yet NOT being prepared will lead you to make the kind of uninformed decisions that will wreck your finances and damage your relationships.

So poke around this website. Check out the articles, books, and programs. Discover how divorce really works. Learn as much as you can so that IF divorce becomes a part of your life, you'll be prepared to get through it with knowledge and grace.

Dealing with divorce sucks. There's no way around that. But, know that the "suck" won't last forever. Life will get better. Meanwhile, just don't give up.


The Divorce Road Map 2.0 is an online tool that will help you:

• Discover how the divorce process really works so that you are less likely to get taken advantage of.

• Understand all of your options so that you can divorce more amicably & affordably.

• Learn how to make a parenting plan that will help you co-parent more effectively.

Show Me the Road Map!

Got Questions About Divorce?

These articles will give you the information and guidance you need.

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