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Divorce Resources

Getting the right divorce resources can make a huge difference in your divorce experience and outcome. The right resources can affect your experience of divorce and your outcome. Here are some of the divorce resources that can educate and prepare you for your divorce.

The Divorce Road Map 2.0 - Your Online Guide to Managing Your Divorce

Road with the word DIVORCE on it. Divorce Road Map 2.0

You CAN get through your divorce without ruining your life, spending your retirement account on lawyers' fees, and screwing up your kids.

But,  if you want to do any of that, you have to do two things first:  PLAN and PREPARE.

I know that may sound cold. But, let me ask you a question.

If you were going on a trip to a foreign country, would you pack? Would you figure out where you wanted to go and what you wanted to see before you left? Or would you hop on a plane with nothing but the clothes on your back and hope for the best?

Facing divorce is like going on a trip to a foreign country. You don't know where you're going. You don't speak the language. And, while you really hope everything will turn out okay, you're not exactly sure how you're going to make that happen.

If you want to put yourself in the best position to do well after your divorce, you have to start by managing the way you go through your divorce.

The more you know on the front end, the better you'll do on the back end.

That's what The Divorce Road Map 2.0 is all about.  It gives you access to the reliable information you need to get through your divorce as amicably and efficiently as possible, while saving time and money, too. The Divorce Road Map 2.0 puts you in the driver's seat of your divorce.

If you live in the U.S., and you want a step by step guide through your divorce, check out The Divorce Road Map 2.0.

The Decision Day Retreat

Woman looking out at the ocean with words: Decision Day Retreat. ... because the only thing worse than staying OR leaving is not knowing what to do.

Can't decide whether to stay or go?

The Decision Day Retreat can help you make one of the hardest decisions of your life with confidence and clarity.

This is a day-long retreat focused entirely on YOU!

We dive deeply into what's really keeping you stuck. We talk about the decision-making process, and why making decisions about your marriage seems to be so much harder than making decisions about everything else. Then we work to get you clear about what you want, and how you can get around the obstacles that are stopping you from getting there.

We also explore the science of decision-making and work with a proven process that can help you make even the most difficult decisions with more confidence.

Most importantly, at the retreat, you will work on a plan that will help you move forward and make progress - whether that movement means working harder on your marriage or starting to take steps toward getting a divorce.

If you've been stuck in indecision for months (or years!) the Decision Day Retreat may be just what you need to get yourself clear so that you can move on with your life.

CLICK HERE to check it out now!

Need to Find a Therapist?

BetterHelp Logo

Going through a divorce is emotional! How you deal with your emotions has a huge impact on how smoothly (or not!) your divorce goes.

Even though I'm not a therapist, I'm a firm believer in getting the help you need - especially while you're going through a divorce!

That's why I've partnered with BetterHelp - the world's largest online counseling service.

BetterHelp can help you find a therapist who is right for you within 24 hours! Once you start working with that therapist, you can communicate via text, email, telephone or video conferencing. All of your communications are strictly confidential.

If you want to find a therapist who can help you ride the tidal wave of emotions in your divorce so that you can divorce more amicably and effectively, check out BetterHelp now.

CLICK HERE to check out BetterHelp.

Divorce Books

Cover of Book:When Happily Ever After Ends

When Happily Ever After Ends ... What Do You Do?

If you're looking for a book full of real stories and practical wisdom, check out When Happily Ever After Ends: How to Survive Your Divorce Emotionally, Financially, and Legally.

It's full of realistic, actionable advice on how to manage every aspect of your divorce.

You can find information on how to deal with custody and parenting issues. You can also find information on managing your finances, navigating through the court system, and dealing with your emotions.

This divorce book is an affordable tool that will help guide you through your divorce with more confidence and clarity.

To check it out CLICK HERE.


I really appreciate your knowledge and wisdom. I'm glad there's someone like you. I brought your book " When Happily Ever After Ends". Your book was a lifesaver it not only helped me get through a very difficult divorce it saved me emotionally and financially. I love your blog!!! I wish you continued SUCCESS!!!

- D

Other Divorce Books

When I wrote the first edition of When Happily Ever After Ends: How to Survive Your Divorce Emotionally, Financially, and Legally, there weren’t a lot of other good divorce books on the market.

Today, that’s changed.

Now you can get great books on everything from how to decide whether or not to get a divorce, to rebuilding your life after divorce. You can learn about how to handle high conflict divorce, how to heal from heartbreak, and how to re-establish your financial security once your divorce is over. To check out a lengthy list of divorce books on a wide range of topics, check out this blog post: 27 Best Divorce Books: From Decision to Recovery.

Great Journals

One of the least expensive and most effective ways to deal with all the emotions you are going through when you get a divorce is by journaling.  You can use your journal to express your feelings, document developments with your kids, or rant about your ex!

You can also use specific kinds of journals, like gratitude journals, to help boost your mood and change your outlook on all the craziness going on in your life!

Here are some journals that can be particularly helpful when you’re going through a divorce:

Cover of the "You Got This" journal

This simple but elegant journal is just what you need to jot down your thoughts and remind yourself that: “You Got This!”

Cover of a beautiful leather tree of life journal

This beautiful leather journal is perfect for the traditionalist. Embossed with the Tree of Life it’s beautifully crafted and full of rustic charm.

Cover of a Journal with the Tree of Life embossed on it

For those who don’t want a lot of frills, but are looking for a solid, hardcover journal, this leather journal fits the bill perfectly.

Cover of the One Minute Gratitude Journal

If you’re new to gratitude journals and you don’t have a lot of time to invest in writing, this one-minute journal will help you count your blessings quickly.

This is my favorite gratitude journal! I’ve used it for years and I love it! It’s simple, inspiring, and makes you remember what really matters. Plus, it truly only takes five minutes a day!

Cover of the Five Minute Journal

This is my favorite gratitude journal! I’ve used it for years and I love it! It’s simple, inspiring, and makes you remember what really matters. Plus, it truly only takes five minutes a day!

Divorce Resources for Parents

Logo for Our Family Wizard Co Parenting App

If you're a parent, helping your kids get through your divorce with the least amount of trauma possible is probably one of your top goals. Helping them adjust to life after your divorce is equally as important.

Yet, managing your kids' schedules and expenses across multiple households can be challenging! Co-parenting with your ex during a time when you might not be getting along all that well is rough too.

Having the right co-parenting app can make co-parenting with your ex enormously smoother.

Out of all the co-parenting apps on the market today (and there are a LOT of them!) the one I like best is Our Family Wizard. It has been used by thousands of divorced couples over the past 15+ years. Our Family Wizard has the co-parenting tools you need for messaging your ex, dealing with your kids' schedules, managing your kids' expenses and much more.

CLICK HERE to check it out. 

Clay figure standing next to stacked letters: FAQs

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Divorce, Custody, Kids, Money and More

Got questions about divorce? You're not alone!

Divorce can be complicated. What's even worse is that the divorce process often doesn't work the way that you think it should!

CLICK HERE to get answers to the most common divorce questions about the divorce process, grounds for divorce, division of property, child custody, child support, parenting time/visitationalimony/maintenance, and much, much more.

Or, if you live in Illinois, you can get information that is specific to your Illinois divorce by CLICKING HERE

You can learn about the Illinois divorce process, alimony in Illinois, or discover answers to frequently asked Illinois family law questions.