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Got a divorce issue you’re struggling with?

I can help.

Hi, I'm Karen!

I'm a divorce coach, a recovering divorce lawyer, a keynote speaker, and the author of When Happily Ever After Ends: How to Survive Your Divorce Emotionally, Financially and Legally.

I help people all over the world deal with issues that are as difficult as trying to decide whether to get a divorce, as emotional as understanding how to protect their kids, and as complicated as figuring out how to manage and divide their finances so that they're on solid financial ground once their divorce is over. 

I can help you:

  • Decide whether getting a divorce is what you really want to do, and whether it's best for you and your family;
  • Structure a trial separation that will bring you CLARITY rather than more conflict and confusion;
  • Craft a way to firmly, yet respectfully, tell your spouse you want a divorce;
  • Learn how to tell your kids you're getting a divorce in a way that minimizes their pain as much as possible, AND keeps them out of the middle of your divorce;
  • PREPARE for your divorce, so that you can be more in control of what happens to you, your kids, AND your money;
  • Find and work with a divorce lawyer (AND figure out whether you need to hire a lawyer to represent you in the first place!);
  • Discover how you can work with your divorce lawyer so that you minimize your attorney's fees but still get the benefit of high-qulity representation;
  • Prepare for mediation so that you increase the chances that it will go well;
  • Organize and understand your finances so that you're less likely to make financial mistakes that will cost you dearly both during your divorce, and for years afterward;
  • Prepare for a custody evaluation so that you make the RIGHT impression with the evaluator;
  • Learn how to communicate with your spouse about issues related to your kids so that you minimize the drama in your children's lives;
  • Decide whether the lawyer you have is really the one you need, or whether it's time to switch lawyers before it's too late;
  • Deal with parenting issues both during AND AFTER your divorce.
  • If you’re interested in working with me, all you have to do is fill out the form below. I’ll take care of the rest.

    (But, just so you know, I have a very small team and we all need to sleep sometime! I promise we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can. But it probably won’t happen instantly. Hang with me! We WILL get back to you!)

    Got a divorce issue you’re struggling with?

    I can help.

    Karen Covy

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