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Illinois Divorce Lawyer/Legal Consultant

I’ve been an Illinois divorce lawyer for decades. I know all too well how the divorce system works.

For the most part, it isn’t pretty.

I’ve watched people who once loved each other tear each other’s guts out in court.

I’ve seen judges struggle to try to decide what’s best for children whose parents care more about getting even with each other than about really making sure their kids are okay.

What's more, I’ve watched expensive, high-powered divorce lawyers spend hours arguing over who gets a $100 vacuum cleaner.

Sometimes the divorce lawyers are a big part of the problem.

Other times, they’re not.

As a regular person who’s going through a divorce, it’s often hard to know the difference.

Screaming divorce lawyer at his desk

You Know You Need Legal Advice BUT …

When you’re first facing divorce, you often feel overwhelmed. You don’t know how the divorce system works and you’re scared to death that you’ll get taken advantage of. You want a lawyer to protect you and you need to know your legal rights and responsibilities.

At the same time, you’ve heard horror stories about divorce lawyers.

You’ve heard that they cost a fortune and fight when they don’t need to. You’ve heard that they can make your divorce 100x worse.

That’s NOT what you want! You want an amicable divorce.

But you don’t want to make a mistake either.

You’re smart enough to know that you need some kind of legal advice in your divorce. Yet, you’re not sure you want to hire a divorce lawyer right from the start. Maybe you don’t want to hire a divorce lawyer at all.

Or maybe you DID hire a divorce lawyer … but now you’re not sure you hired the RIGHT divorce lawyer!

Maybe your lawyer lost a few battles you thought s/he should have won.

Maybe your lawyer doesn’t seem to be paying attention to you or isn’t returning your phone calls and emails.

Or maybe your divorce is stalled out and seems to be going nowhere.

In all of those cases you NEED legal advice. You NEED to talk to a divorce lawyer. But you don’t want to hire a divorce lawyer (or change divorce lawyers!) until you understand what’s going on FIRST.

What you really want is to be able to get some quality legal advice WITHOUT having to pay $10,000+ to put a divorce lawyer on retainer! That’s especially true when you already have a divorce lawyer and you’re trying to figure out whether s/he is doing a decent job!

Karen Covy

A Different Kind of Divorce Lawyer

In the past, hiring a divorce lawyer was an “all-or-nothing” proposition. Either you had to hire a lawyer who represented you in every aspect of your divorce, or you couldn’t hire a lawyer at all.

Today, that’s changed.

With unbundled legal services, you can now get legal advice on an “a la carte” basis.


  • You can hire a lawyer to advise you about your legal rights and responsibilities WITHOUT retaining them to represent you in your divorce. That means you can get quality legal advice even if you don’t want full-on legal representation;
  • You can get a “second opinion” from a different lawyer about your divorce – without your current lawyer even knowing about it! In other words, you can hire a lawyer to look at what’s gone on in your divorce and tell you whether things are going the way they SHOULD be going … or not; and
  • You can consult with a lawyer on a one-time basis to get ideas and strategies you can use to jump start a divorce that seems to be stuck in the system.

All of those things are what I do as a divorce attorney/legal consultant.

What's a Legal Consultant?

A legal consultant is a lawyer who gives you legal advice.  Fundamentally, every Illinois divorce lawyer is a legal consultant too. S/he will review your situation and give you advice about what you should or shouldn't do to solve your legal problem. 

But most divorce lawyers today focus more on representing you in your case than they do consulting with you about how to solve your legal problems.

That's not a criticism about divorce lawyers. It's simply the way things are today.

But they weren't always like that.

"Back in the day" lots of people (especially those who lived in small towns) had "family lawyers" - trusted advisers they could go to whenever they needed legal advice or had a legal problem. High net worth families and big corporations still have lawyers on retainer who serve more as legal consultants than as "in the trenches" lawyers.

Whenever the family or the company has any kind of legal problem, they consult with their own lawyer first. That lawyer assesses the problem, advises the client about what to do in the short term, and makes sure the client gets the right legal representation in the long term.

Using a lawyer that way makes an incredible amount of sense.

You get the benefit of high-quality, impartial legal advice. You discover what you need to do to protect yourself in the short term. And you get a solid foundation of information that enables you to more confidently choose a lawyer to represnet you in your case for the long-term.

Your Illinois Divorce Lawyer/Legal Consultant

As a legal consultant I can help you understand what Illinois divorce law requires and what your legal rights are. I’ll help you figure out how the divorce system works and understand what your options are.

But I will NOT represent you in court as your lawyer.


  • You’re looking for a divorce lawyer to fight for you in court; OR
  • You want a divorce lawyer to represent you in mediation; OR
  • You live anywhere in the world OTHER THAN Cook or Dupage County, Illinois.


  • You live in Illinois AND
  • You want a legal consultation to discover what your legal rights and responsibilities are; OR
  • You’re frustrated with how your divorce is going and want a second opinion; OR
  • You want to discuss your legal options without actually retaining a lawyer full time.

Life is About Choices

In today’s world, we have the luxury of having choices that our parents and grandparents didn’t have.

You can get a divorce today without hiring a lawyer and fighting in court. But you still have to be smart about what you’re doing.

You still have to be prepared. And you still have to understand the basics of divorce law.

Judge's gavel with 3D words "You Decide" on it.

Going through a divorce without getting any kind of legal advice is foolish. You may think you can get all the information you need online yourself.

The trouble is, you don’t know what to look for.

You don’t know what you don't know.

Most importantly, you don’t know what you don’t know.

I can help.

If you live in Illinois, and you’re interested in a legal consultation CLICK HERE to CONTACT ME.