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Coaching With Karen Covy – 3 Session Package


Coaching can help you cut through the confusion that so often accompanies divorce so that you can make a clear plan and move forward with confidence.

Let’s face it. Divorce upends almost everything you care about.

It changes your marriage, your home, your kids, your money, and more.

It’s no wonder then that, when you’re facing a divorce, you find it hard to think clearly!

You’re not sure exactly how divorce works, and you don’t know what you should do first, second, or third. (HINT: The ORDER that you do things in matters enormously! Even if you do the right things, if you do them in the wrong order, you won’t get the result you want!)

You also don’t know what things will make a huge difference in your divorce, and what won’t matter much at all. So you spend a lot of time (that you don’t have!) spinning in circles, but getting nowhere.

Or worse yet, you end up making bad decisions or doing things wrong, simply because you don’t know any better!

Those aren’t the kind of mistakes anyone wants to make.

Having a divorce coach who can explain how things really work, and act as your sounding board and reality check can help you stop spinning.

Divorce coaching will help you understand what you’re dealing with, decide what you want, and create a plan for getting it. Coaching can help you plan and prepare for your divorce so that you’re as ready as you can possibly be to protect yourself and get your divorce going in the right direction right from the start.

Through coaching, you can discover how to project-manage your divorce, communicate effectively with your spouse, manage your attorney, and help your kids adjust to their new normal.

Each 50- 55 minute coaching session will focus on the issues that matter to you right now, so that you get the clarity and the results you need.

Book a 3 session coaching package today and save $150 over the single session price.

Picture of beautiful brunette woman loking into camera.

-Coaching Client

After getting walloped with the news of my husband's infidelity and desire to file for divorce, I was put in touch with Karen through another acquaintance in the legal field. Karen laid out all the facts I needed to know as I began the process of getting divorced. She was candid yet empathetic; while she told me the hard truths, I knew she was in my corner and would help me however she could. Through an extremely painful time in my life, her guidance and extensive knowledge made things easier to navigate and tolerate. I'm extremely grateful that I was put in touch with Karen and would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone in a similar situation.

Attractive grey-haired businnesman

-Coaching Client

I’m a 57 year old married man and I started with Karen viewing some of her You Tube videos coaching, counseling and providing practical divorce guidance online. She struck me as very genuine and someone that truly wants to help you get through likely one of the most difficult times of your life. Being a divorce attorney she certainly understands well the legal aspects but what I believe sets her apart is helping you through the much tougher emotional aspects of the process and how the two interact. I decided to sign up for 3 of her divorce coaching sessions and it’s the best money I’ve ever spent. She wasn’t scripted and answered all the questions I had but also provided guidance on key decisions you need to start making.

Pretty young woman outdoor in the fall.

-Coaching Client

Karen has been an incredible resource for me in the first few years of a high conflict co-parenting situation.  She has helped me grow in setting boundaries and diffusing unnecessary conflict, while also helping me to understand how to own the power I have and how to make decisions that are right for me and my family.  She is always encouraging and insightful, while also being just enough of an accountability for me to keep me moving forward, even through difficult steps.  I know that I am far more confident and hopeful for my future having worked with Karen!

Over 25 years of Divorce experience

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