December 30

Top 10 Best Divorce Blog Posts of 2015



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The New Year is a time for reflection, and, as I reflect on what’s been happening in the world of divorce over the past year, I am overwhelmed by the amount of amazing information that has become available! If you are going through a divorce, thinking about divorce, or dealing with the aftermath of divorce, you have more information available to you now – literally at your fingertips – than was ever available in the past. The problem now is – how do you sort through it all? To help you, I’ve listed my top 10 divorce blog posts of 2015.

If you don’t find a topic of interest to you here, let me know! I have a whole new year of blogging in front of me, and I would love to know what you want to read about. Let me know what you want in the comments below!

I wish you the best in the new year!

Top 10 Divorce Blog Posts of 2015

10. The 10 Biggest Divorce Myths.  Bowling pins with the word "Myth" on them being knocked down by a green bowling ball with the word "Truth" on it.What do you think you know about divorce that just isn’t true? Find out here.

9. The Top 5 Hidden Costs of Divorce. How much does divorce really cost? Probably more than you think! Here are 5 hidden costs of divorce that you might not have thought about.

8. Technology and Divorce: 5 Technological Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Divorce Case. Technology and Divorce Can Be Disastrous Together! Learn the 5 Most Common Technological Mistakes that People Make, and How to Avoid Making Them Yourself.

7. Help! I Don’t Want to Get Divorced but My Spouse Does. What do you do when you don’t want to get divorced , but your spouse does? Here is practical advice for dealing with the divorce you don’t want.

Screaming woman with steam coming out of her ears6. Dealing With Difficult PeopleDealing with difficult people, including your high conflict ex, is never easy. Here are some tips for how to do it more effectively.

5. The Biggest Myth About the Effects of Divorce on Adult Children. Everyone worries about the effect of divorce on small children.  But what is the effect of divorce on adult children?

4. Life After Divorce: Is it Possible to Find Love Again? Can There Be Love in Life After Divorce? A Harvard study gives you the answer.

Red piggy bank wearing a graduation cap sitting on money and a calculator3. Do Divorced Parents Have to Pay for Their Children’s College Expenses? College is expensive for all parents.  But do Divorced Parents Have to Pay for their Children’s College Expenses?

2. The Surprising Truth About the Effects of Divorce on Children: Why What You Think You Know May be Wrong. We have all read the studies about the negative effects of divorce on children. But what if the studies are wrong?

1. Be Careful of What You Agree to: Understanding the Morality Clause in Your Divorce Judgment. Is it wise to put a morality clause stating that neither parent can have someone else sleep over when the children are there, in your divorce judgment? Here are the pros and cons.3D Sign: What Are You Looking For?

These have been my top 10 divorce blog posts of 2015, but there’s so much more!  Be sure to peruse the more recent divorce blog posts to get the latest information you can rely on.

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